In After Effects, TextDelay is a native plugin that allows you to delay your text changes by character, word or line. In contrast to the normal text animator, it inherits the easing from your animation, allowing you to be more creative with curves and easing expressions.

TextDelay v1.7.1 for After Effects


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TextDelay works especially effectively when used in conjunction with expressions and softening tools. TextDelay should be used in conjunction with any of the following:

Animation with Ease and Wizz

Patterns Flow iExpressions 2 have the following limitations:
It is important to note that the TextDelay delay’s X and Y positions, anchor point, and scale are all specified. Rotation and Z transformations are not affected by this effect.
TextDelay will fill your multicoloured source text with a solid colour if your source text is multicoloured. This is due to the fact that the AESDK does not provide a mechanism for obtaining the text colour for each character.

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