Hi everyone,

We provide, distribute and share premium resources for video editing on popular software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, Final Cut Pro, and more.
The materials is provided solely for educational purposes.

I’m the admin of https://msrtc-maharashtra.in/

I am also the leader of a short film production team with 7 members.

I have been inactive on the site for a while due to the busy schedule.
A member of the team has uploaded daily resources to the site and I think he did quite well. The website currently has a ton of stuff that are helpful to everyone.

You know,

2020 is a strange year.

  • Many people died from the pandemic, many became unemployed. Many unemployed families will not be able to pay their rent and utility bills if the pandemic continues.
  • Work has changed due to social distancing. So many of us shifted to working from home to minimize traveling on public transport and gathering in groups at the studio. Most of us are freelancers, so there are more reasons for us to work from home.
  • Our lifestyles have also changed due to social distancing. We stay indoors more, we limit going out to shoot scenes we love.
    Small spaces limit our creativity.


You are spending more time on websites like this in 2020

it’s easy for us to see that in 2020, there are a lot of travel vloggers that don’t have new videos. Many of our favorite creators have created their own assets and used their personal brands to sell them. We also stay indoors and spend more money on online shopping.

However, I realized that a lot of stuffs they over-sell, buying these things is really expensive. We sometimes find them for free on the Internet. I think we should save money to buy more lense, upgrade your computer, … not paying for everything they sell.

We recommend that you do not pay for sites like https://msrtc-maharashtra.in/ or similar site if you want to make money from them. Use copyrighted products for commercial videos. Pay the owner of the product for additional support.


Think carefully before buying them. Don’t pay for something that’s not worth it

That is my sincere message.

Thanks for coming here.

Finally, I just want to say:
Be safe, my bro.