Free Download – Aescripts Advanced Selection v1.5 (WIN MAC)-DownloadAescripts Advanced Selection v1.5 (WIN MAC)-Download

Aescripts Advanced Selection v1.5 (WIN+MAC): It expands the abilities that After Effects to select layers. It comes with a variety of filters to choose from to narrow the options you have, including layers, types of layers blend modes such as color labels, and many more.

Some great features of Advanced Selection:

Advanced Selection Panel Advanced Selection panel features three modes of operation: “AND Mode”, “OR Mode” and “NOR Mode”.

  • Choose a composition from the project window. Set filters by clicking any or more elements in the list. Multiple options are available by pressing the ctrl/cmd buttons.
  • Choose the operation mode for the model you’d like to sort all layers with at least one of the criteria you have selected by pressing the ‘OR’ button (or “NOR” for reversed results) or the ‘AND’ button to filter layers that bear only the of the criteria you have selected.
  • You can activate the filters you have selected using the “Select Layer” Button.

Filters that are available

  • Light
  • Shape
  • Text
  • Camera
  • Footage
  • Blending Mode
  • Label Color
  • Adjustment Layer
  • Null Object
  • Solid
  • Shy On
  • Shy Off
  • Video Enabled
  • Has a Parent
  • Video is disabled
  • 3D Layer
  • 2D Layer
  • Guide Layer
  • Motion Blur Enabled
  • Motion Blur Disabled
  • Is Track Matte
  • Has Track Matte
  • Even Layers
  • Odd Layers
  • The name is a reference to
  • Name is
  • Has no Parent

New Changes:

  • Bugfix to fix “error with line 515”
  • Rebuild of subsystem completely to allow preference-file communications

Download Aescripts Advanced Selection v1.5 (WIN+MAC) from the below link now!

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