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Free download – Videohive 19478445 Globe Map Connection Kit

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Take your video editing to the next level for free with Globe Map Connection Kit. Discover the best tools for enhancing your projects without breaking the bank. You can download editing materials like this for free, including video assets like Effects, Templates, Plugin, Transitions, and LUTs for most popular video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, and Davinci Resolve Editing Assets at Explore the features of Videohive 19478445 and find out how they can enhance your video editing projects. Read now for expert insights and recommendations.

Product feature:

Globe Map Pro Kit is designed for creating impressive video on world map easily and quickly.

You can create your map compositions in any size.
HD, Full HD, 2K, 4K or custom dimensions.

Country / State / District / City maps will always appear in details since they are in shape format.

Easily create both simple and complex map animations.

Shorter rendering times thanks to the map templates created with the help of the Script. Generally, there are invisible layers, which are activated by the possibility of usage, in the projects. Even if you don’t use these layers, they influence the rendering time. Maps, you’ve created with Script, will not have such a waste of time.

You can edit your map easier and faster. With just one click, you can add elements to tens of locations, draw lines between locations, add elements either Oriented or Flat style.

More map options, unlimited color combinations, Overlay mode and Color style options.
Easy and completely customizable elements.

Textures. Overlay option for more effective maps.
Many tools that you can use to customize your map.

Either import your existing maps or import your GeoJson maps into your project.

Diversify your animations by duplicating your maps. Modify the map layers such as country / state / province / city / town easily and create animations. Add the maps you wish to. World countries map can be used as detailed and very detailed. Continents and countries, state / province / city/ town maps of major countries.


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