Red Giant’s Effects Suite 11.1 includes nine key items that allow you to exercise complete creative control over the creation of special effects of Hollywood quality. Effects Suite, which has been used on feature films such as Avatar and Super 8, brings you the power of Hollywood to your own workstation. Thanks to the more than 70 different tools available, you’ll be able to write the next blockbuster with ease, enabling your artistic style to come through. Furthermore, by buying this bundle rather than purchasing each of the nine items separately, you will be able to avoid the financial pitfalls that plague many a Hollywood production.

Red Giant Effects Suite 11.1.13 - Free Download


Adobe After Effects CS5 – CC 2017
Adobe After Effects CS5 – CC 2017 


Effects Suite allows you to express yourself creatively while giving your work a really professional appearance. Everyday techniques for creating eye-catching visual effects, ranging from volumetric light flares to a realistic cartoon appearance, may be found here. Feature films such as Titanic, Star Wars, and The Bourne Identity have benefited from the usage of the Effects Suite software, and the package contains plug-ins that have been in service to the visual effects industry for years. This collection of more than 50 plug-ins provides a significant amount of power at a cost that is almost half that of their separate costs.

Bundle Includes:
Composite Wizard
Image Lounge
Knoll Light Factory
Text Anarchy

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