Light Leak Transitions


Light Leak Transitions is a Free Premiere Pro Transitions that includes 32 seamless light leak transitions in two styles – warm colours and cold colours – for use with the Premiere Pro video editing software. All you have to do now is apply the settings to the adjustment layer and place it above your cut. There are no plugins needed. There is much documentation provided. Premiere Pro 2018 is the latest version of the software. It is compatible with any resolution.  Enjoy


  • PREMIERE CC 2018
  • 1920X1080 (HD)

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What are Transitions?

In Premiere Pro, transition effects are a method to mix two clips together. These are used to modify your footage easily or to add visual interest (used often in Vlogs and travel videos).

The transitions are added to the unused end of the clip and transferred from one clip to the next to guarantee a seamless transaction.

One excellent trick is that if you use a lasso tool, you may lasso many changes by keeping Mac Command or Windows Control.

This enables you to easily and simply apply the default transition to each chosen change on your timeline.

Using Transitions in Premiere Pro

How to use Premiere Pro’s transitions
The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create transitions in Premiere Pro. This enables you to build transitions quickly and seamlessly in Premiere Pro, enabling you to produce compelling video material.

You should aim to have your transitions chosen in advance so that when you go to put them in, you’ll have a sense of where they should fit within your video. When it comes to creating transitions in Premiere Pro, planning is critical.

Let’s take a look at the two-step process for adding transitions in Premiere Pro.

In Premiere Pro, choose a transition.
To choose an effect in Premiere Pro, just click on the Effects Panel and either browse for your transition in the selection or use the search box to find a particular transition.

In Premiere Pro, choose a transition.

Once you’ve selected your desired effect, Premiere Pro is ready to apply the transition.

Here’s a selection of our favourite Premiere Pro transitions; check them out here.

How to use Premiere Pro’s transitions

You may use your transition at the start of a clip, between two clips, or at the conclusion. Drag the transition from the Effects Panel onto the end of one of your clips to apply it.

Alternatively, you may right-click on the clip’s end and choose Apply Default Transitions.

How to use Premiere Pro’s transitions
Finally, you may apply video and audio transitions using the keyboard shortcut; just pick one or more clips and select the following:

On a Mac, use Command+D to activate the default video transition.
On Windows, use Control+D to activate the default video transition.
To apply the default audio transition, just press Shift+Command+D on a Mac or Shift+Control+D on a Windows computer.
Finally, on both Mac and Windows, just hit Shift + D to apply both video and audio transitions to the clip.
Now you can apply whatever transition you want to give your movie a seamless, cinematic appearance in no time. Here is our selection of the best Adobe Premiere Pro transitions — There are many options available, whether you’re shooting your first feature film or editing a trip vlog, there’s something for everyone.


Free Premiere Pro Transitions


Conclusion paragraph

Light Leak Transitions is a Premiere Pro presets pack that contains 32 seamless light leak transitions in 2 styles – warm colors and cold colors. Simply apply the presets to the adjustment layer and position it above your cut. No plugins required. Detailed help is included. Premiere Pro 2018. Works with any resolution.