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Some great features of Fast Bokeh Pro:

Quick Bokeh Guru is a plug-in for Results that creates a

Smooth Length of Field bokeh blur with a Depth Map. It is Extremely Fast, handles Edges properly, and is simple to use.

Why Another Lens Blur Plug-in?

Quick Bokeh Guru differs from all of the other Lens Blur Plug-ins out there because of these features.

  1. Extremely fast and obscure radius separate.
  2. Handles advantages correctly.
  3. Gaussian/Spherical/Polygonal (HQ) Bokeh Blur

Blur Radius Independent

Quick Bokeh’s performance simply Depends upon the image size, however maybe not The total quantity of blur applied, which means that you may anticipate a near-continuous render performance.

No Hard Edges

Item boundaries are enlarged and borders are managed correctly as expected. Additionally, there are limits since the plugin does not have information About occluded objects in the leave, but it does a fair job in preventing Hard borders and halos as far as you can.

Iris Shapes

This plugin creates a sleek Gaussian-like Speedy blur or Spherical and Polygonal Iris (Hexagon, Pentagon, Octagon and much more ) formed Bokeh Blur. Gaussian such as Aperture Blur is lightning fast while Spherical and Polygonal shaped Aperture Blur is quite large quality yet still fairly quick.

Spherical and Polygonal Bokeh Blur Whilst not as quickly as Gaussian, Remains radius separate and quite performant.

Anamorphic Bokeh

Fix Iris aspect ratio configurations to each anamorphic’ looking Bokeh Blur.

32-bit colors

32 BPC Isn’t only encouraged, but also Suggested for the greatest quality.

Focus Point Choice

Utilize a stage parameter to Pick the focus point mechanically Without needing to input the attention thickness manually.

HQ Rendering

Fix deliver quality for Spherical and Polygonal apertures or Choose Polygonal HQ choice for the highest quality.

Linear Color Space

Service Linear Color Working Space for photo-realistic compositing.

Highlights Adjustment

Adjust the brightness and brightness of these blur highlights to Get a more cinematic result.

Effect Controls

Proceed to Outcomes ->Rowbyte->Quickly Bokeh to apply the effect.

  • Blur Radius: The radius of this blur.
  • Depth Map Layer: The coating to utilize as a Depth Map.
  • Invert Depth Map: Invert whitened and Dark pixels from the column map. By default pixels are black and background pixels are foreground.
  • Focus Distance: Establish the present Focus space of the Depth Map.
  • Aperture Form: Establish the Aperture Kind to Gaussian (Faster) or Spherical (High Quality).
  • Focus Line: Utilize a stage Parameter to place the focus thickness rather than adjusting it manually.
  • Use Concentrate Point Each Length: Selecting this Alternative samples the thickness value from the attention stage of every framework. Unchecked, the Plug-in just samples the thickness value for one period and uses it for each framework.
  • Iris Form: Choose the shape Of the Iris to get Bokeh
  • Gaussian: Gaussian blur such as Iris shape. Fastest of all of them.
  • Spherical: Spherical Iris Form.
  • Polygon: Polygonal Iris contour with Customizable polygon configurations.
  • Polygon (HQ): Maximum Quality Polygonal Iris contour with customizable polygon configurations.
  • Iris Aspect Ratio: Change the Iris Aspect Ratio to simulate Anamorphic Lens Bokeh.
  • Polygon Sides: Fix the No. of Sides from the Polygon Iris contour.
  • Polygon Rotation: Fix the angle Offset of this aperture at the Polygon Iris contour.
  • Polygon Curvature: Fix the Curvature of this aperture at the Polygon Iris contour.
  • Highlights: Fix the Highlights from the picture to get a more cinematic result. For best results use 32bpc.
  • Threshold: Minimum luminosity threshold Required before hardness and brightness are altered to your pixel. Placing The threshold to 0 supports each of the non-zero pixels. Putting it into 1.0 just boosts overbright pixels.
  • Brightness Profit: The Quantity of energy fed Into pixels that are over the threshold. Based on how vivid a pixel is Over the threshold, the pixel value has been increased in brightness by this comparative amount.
  • Saturation Gain: The Quantity of color Kept from the boosted pixel. Setting it pushes the boosted colors toward White whilst setting to 100 tries to keep as much color as you can. Useful To keep the color of highlights from the picture.
  • Intensity Boost: Raise the color intensity. Useful for big blur radii and translucent images.
  • Render Quality: Multiple levels of quality. 1x is quicker but low on information; 4x is slower but quite detailed.
  • Linear Color Working Space: Produces an Outcome Somewhat like a job set into a linearized working color space. Check this Property (or put it in the project preferences ) to view realistic bokeh consequences From the own images.


After Effects CS6 and Deadly Cloud. Tested with CC 2017, CC 2018, CC 2019, CC 2020. MacOS 10.8 and over or Windows 7 and above.

Important Notice:

It’s Suggested to utilize Depth Maps with no Anti-aliasing for Best outcomes.

Pro Characteristics:

Spherical/Polygonal Aperture Bokeh Blur, Highlights, Anamorphic Bokeh, Linear Color Working Space, and Quick Focus Point parameters are’Guru’ Attributes and need the plugin to be enrolled using a license key. If the Plug-in is not registered and you are using the guru’s attributes, a watermark will be rendered. If you are not using guru’s features a watermark is not rendered.


Quick Bokeh Guru 1.4.3

Release Date: Sep 17, 2020

Fixed Color Normalization Issues.

Quick Bokeh Guru 1.4.2

Release Date: Jun 02, 2020

Floating License Compatibility.

Quick Bokeh Guru 1.4.1

Release Date: May 12, 2020

Minor Stability Improvements.

Quick Bokeh Guru 1.4.0

Release Date: Apr 21, 2020

Additional option to sample attention stage thickness Values every framework or only 1 frame.

Minor Performance Improvements.

Quick Bokeh Guru 1.3.1

Release Date: Nov 12, 2019

  • Polygonal Iris Shapes (Hexagon, Pentagon, Octagon, and more)
  • HQ Rendering Option
  • Highlights Adjustment w/ Brightness and Saturation
  • Anamorphic Bokeh (Iris Aspect Ratios)
  • Linear Color Working Space
  • Performance Improvements

Quick Bokeh Guru 1.1.1

Release Date: Sep 25, 2019

Spherical Shape Aperture (Guru ).

Quick Focus Point Selection (Guru ).

Frozen pixel counter issue.

Intensity Boost.

Quick Bokeh 1.0.1

Release Date: Jun 25, 2019

First Release.

New changes:

Fast Bokeh 2 has some amazing new features such as Zone Control, Custom Image Bokeh Shapes, and GPU Acceleration with modern technologies like Metal/Compute.

– Added Repeat Edge Pixels and Edge Behavior controls.
– GPU rendering fixes on ATI cards.
– MFR support in AE.

– Fixed a Pixel Offset Issue in Gaussian Mode.

– Fixed a UI-related issue

– Fixed Registration Issues on Apple Silicon machines.
– Fixed Render Issues on ATI cards.

Download Rowbyte Fast Bokeh Pro v2 v2.0.8 (Win, Mac-v2.0.6) from the below link now!


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