Download revisionfx RE:MAP v3.2.1 Full For (Win, Mac) – Aescripts Files

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Some great features of revisionfx RE: MAP:

  • Texture Map in place: Usage A UV map made from a 3D method to clean up or substitute feel maps On your compositing app without needing to re-render on your 3D system.
  • Function In both instructions: RE: Map Also lets you use a photograph, and a fitting 3D item, and make the Texture map you will need for your 3D distribution system.
  • Quality Distortion tools: Contains tools for corner pinning and 2D displacement mapping.

Feature Specs

  • HIGH-QUALITY FILTERING: High-Quality filtering of pictures including supersampling and mipmapping. Advanced attribute to Manage antialiased UV borders and regions where a segment of An item crosses another region of the item.
  • REPLACE AND RERENDER: Reapply New feel sequences so as to recreate animated UV maps for cool cartoons And adjustments. Fix, color correct, edit, then reapply your trousers for Your own 3D animated items without needing to re-render from the 3D system.
  • ITERATE FASTER: Blend UV logos and maps in place, without needing to re-render on your 3D system.
  • INVERSE UV MAPPING: Paint Or align textures in 2D to coincide with your 3D rendered picture and inversely project The picture to create a texture map to be used on your 3D program or using RE: Map UV
  • CORNER PINNING: Maps Or reverse maps a view plane defined by 4 factors (also called corner pinning).
  • DISPLACEMENT MAPPING: Warps A picture using a user-supplied displacement map, with a lot more choices and Advanced filtering controls compared to most other displacement map filters.
  • CARICATURE: Skill To choose a color picture and distort it according to the characteristics to get a caricature-like effect.
  • GPU ACCELERATED: This item is GPU accelerated.

Download revisionfx RE: MAP v3.2.1 Full For (Win, Mac) from the below link now!