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Aescripts Potok Fluid Gradients Plugin for After Effects v1.1.4: Potok is an application for fluid gradients in After Effects. Gradients are controlled and animated in various ways, as well as in other layers.

Potok is a fluid gradients plugin that works with After Effects. It creates noise and colors it using the use of a gradient ramp. Gradients can be controlled via UI Gradient Control or any Layer. Noise can be masked with any layer.

Some great features of Potok:


Potok plugin comes with built-in noise generators that have four different types of noise. The noise animation can be smoothly looped. In addition, you can multiply the noise by any layer that is masked or added to the noise for more precise control.


The gradient ramp lets you choose any color control point and three interpolation options. Gradients can be applied from any layer, allowing the creation of unlimited options for transparency and animation. The gradient may additionally be offset, scaled, and looped.

Colorpoint interpolation is Linear Sine and Hard.

Colorize Mode

The four-color modes are: Colorize Modes that can be used: Gradient, Gradient from Layer Reflection of Layer, and reflection from Layer.


Draws isolines across generated noise as height, using steps, gradients, and a variety of animation and randomizing options.

Layers Maps

Gradients from Layer

Potok can map gradients over the noise of every layer and composition. This allows for more complex gradients driven by animation, or the alpha channel.

Masking Noise Using Layer

Potok has two layers that influence base noise. The first layer multiplies the noise of every one of the pixels. The second layer is added to the noise in every pixel.

Reflection of Layer

In this mode, the gradient is applied to noise using normals for each pixel. It converts the Base Noise brightness into Normal Map and then applies these normals as vectors that point towards spheres that project colors from Spherical Map.

Refractions from Layer

The mode in which Potok operates is Potok can displace pixels from maps using noise brightness as a measure of distance to be displaced. Maps that are displaced are loopable.

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