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Aescripts Labels 4 v4.0 (WIN, MAC):

Complete access to Label Colors Set the color of the label and choose groups of labels with one click. It can be used for composition as well as project panel items.

You have complete control over Label Colors.

  • Themes for Shareable Labels,
  • Script Launcher
  • Set / Reset label colors,
  • Select label groups,
  • Labels for filters that are used or not in use colors,
  • Work with Composition and Project Items,
  • Supports custom label colors.

Labels let you easily define the color of your label and then select label groups with just one click.

Select a layer, or an item, and choose the color. Better yet, choose multiple layers and apply the identical color label to them all. If the layer you select has an origin, or an item is used as a composition, you could apply the same label for both at the same time.

Labels offer an easy way to filter the colors of labels so that you can quickly identify the types of labels employed in the composition that you’re creating.

Utilize keyboard and mouse to select a set of items or layers that share the same color. By using a different keyboard combination, you can apply it to the selection, choose everything but the current color label, or remove the label from the selection.

Label Themes gives power to After Effects to switch Label Colors at any moment without having to restart the application. Test different colors for labels as well as assignments, then save them to a file for sharing with your team.

Like KBar and Tool Launcher Labels 3 can be utilized as a script launcher. You just need to assign a keyboard key, and then set an appropriate path for the script, and then click on swatch for the script. This is a way to enhance the label functionality and expand on what’s already in the script.

Find themes and Snippets at the end of the screen to make your timeline more attractive.


  • Filter (F) – shows which labels are being used in the composition currently being composed or in the panel for the project. Alt+Click can filter out labels that are not needed,
  • B (B) – brings back all color swatches available to the UI
  • Reset (X) – resets the color of the label to its default value,
  • Settings (S) – opens the Settings window, which lets you set the theme and personalize keyboard combination,


  • label theme The list below contains the themes that are currently installed for label applications. Make your own by saving or exporting your settings and sharing them with your team. Label Colors/names/assignments are transferable with the themes file.
  • Swatch sizes If it’s enabled, then the swatch size is fixed, if not it’s dynamic.
  • Set or Reset color Keyboard shortcut (+ click) to set the color of the label for the selected layer or item,
  • The effect of the layer and the item If the layer is an element or source that is part of a composition and both are affected, they will get the identical color labels at the same time,
  • Select items or layers Choose layers within composition or items within the project panel that is currently in the color of the label,
  • Append to the selection Labels are added with the current color to the collection of layers
  • Select all, but not the elements or layers except for ones with the current label color.
  • Remove from the ection Removes the current color of the label from the selection of layers.
  • Start Swatch Editor It opens a modal window to change the color of the label and name.
  • The Custom Shortcut Editor is open opens interface that allows you to extend the functionality of Labels by hooking custom scripts for keyboard shortcuts.


  • Older theme files aren’t Compatible with labels 3
  • You can look into the default script excerpts, or visit GitHub to find out how you can collect Labels API and create extensions of your own.

New Changes:

Initial release of v4.0.

Changes since v3.3.2:

  • Added support for keyframe label colors (AE v22.6 and newer).
  • Fixed crash on load caused by zipped theme files.


  • Licensing framework
  • Modifier keys to accommodate methods for keyframes.
  • Interface, helpTip, and undoGroup texts.
  • Refactored codebase.

Download Aescripts Labels 4 v4.0 (WIN, MAC) from the below link now!



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