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Aescripts Bodymovin – Lottie v5.9.6 (Win, Mac): Exports Animations to JSON documents and pngs.

Animations May be performed on the internet through the bodymovin participant or on iOS and Android via Lottie.

For playing The animations, get the participant in the extension and load it into a browser.

An After Outcomes extension to export Lottie animations. Collars are categorized by default as .json documents that use the lottie.js participant alongside the plugin. You may render animations from the browser SVG, text, and canvas. It supports a subset of After Effects attributes. Animations are also performed on iOS and Android utilizing Bodymovin Lottie.

Some great features of Bodymovin – Lottie:

  • Shapes
  • Comps
  • Nulls
  • Texts: Most fonts are encouraged, they can be exported as contours or as the text provided you load the ribbon on the browser
  • Solids
  • Pictures
  • Cameras (partial)
  • Expressions: Partially supported. A growing number of expressions have been supported on each individual release.

General supported Possessions

  • Transform (rotate,scale,place,anchor line, opacity)
  • time remap
  • Masks (additive, and sometimes gap, inverted and subtractive)
  • Luma and alpha masks (together with all the SVG renderers)

Allergic effects (together with all the SVG/HTML renderers)

  • fill
  • pro levels
  • drop shadow
  • tint
  • tritone

New Changes:

  • FEATURE: Add support for is paused property on the Lottie worker
  • FEATURE: Adds support for changing volume based on the audio layer data
  • FEATURE: Add support for removeEventListener on worker
  • FEATURE: Add support for updating document data on worker
  • FEATURE: add text as font support on worker
  • FIX: avoid crashing when the script does not have an src
  • FIX: support for all marker definitions
  • FIX: improve composable filters
  • FIX: strokes with correct width on fonts
  • FIX: Expand the hybrid shape bounding box on the stroke
  • FEATURE: support filter size on drop shadow property
  • FIX: canvas worker – handle destroying animation instance before data is loaded
  • FIX: canvas worker = pass own canvas fix
  • FIX: bodymovin extension out of storage
  • FEATURE: integration with canilottie
  • FIX: Bodymovin export missing comps
  • FIX: Disambiguate bevelEmboss properties (thanks @mbasaglia)
  • FEATURE: Add support for image export individual settings via annotations

Download Aescripts Bodymovin – Lottie v5.9.6 (Win, Mac) Full Version + Tutorial + Keys from the below link now!


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