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Aescripts bfx Map Ramp v1.1.0.1 (WIN):

Map Ramp creates a gradual blend of multiple colors using an image of grayscale to map the gradient.

Bfx Map Ramp creates an elongated blend of several colors using a grayscale as the basis for a map gradient. Five channels are able to be used as mapping to – Red Green, Blue, and Alpha. Lightness. The effect could be utilized to aid in creativity, color correction, and even a matte tool with the aid of other options. It is possible to use as many as 6 different interpolation options with additional options.

Techniques of interpolation

We are pleased to present the four interpolation techniques along and their animations, as well as modifications, to show the differences in them.

Linear mode is the most basic and most commonly used method to blend colors. It is able to be altered by the Hardness parameter, which allows for the hard, sharp blending of the colors. Slider is a simple way to switch between different modes.

variable mode provides two ways of interpolating the colors. The maximum value for the parameter Nonlinearity provides smooth, effortless interpolation. However, the minimum value for the parameter, however, makes sharper the transition between shades.

Bezier one uses up to 4 points and provides a smooth and appealing blend between the four points. What’s important is that the colors will be mixed between these four points, but the beginning and the end are left unaltered. There is no limit to the number of four knots of different colors obviously, but the principle applies to all four points.

B-spline mode is a natural and natural way to interpolate colors. There are no limitations on the number of dots that you can blend between, there is no minimum of four points. For a smooth, seamless gradient, place the knots in a uniform manner.

However, the B-spline mode also offers an opportunity to create sharp transitions. Simply tie 3 knots close to one another.

U.S. User Interface

The effect gives additional parameters that can be used to control each knot, and also the entire effect. Every knot is equipped with the exact set of parameters. Also, the specific parameters for each knot are visible. The parameters are also displayed in visual representations on each knot. Knot Position and Color are clearly displayed as well as Blending and Alpha parameters are visualized using two tiny points that are located under each knot. The left one represents Alpha and the brightness of these two points is a representation of values.


  • Choose one of the knots on the right side.
  • Choose the appropriate knot.
  • Distribute All knots between the first knot and last knot equally. Double-click to put between the ends and beginning of the ramp. The icon will change following the initial mouse click, to indicate the latest feature.
  • Flip Mirror knots’ positions.

Knot parameter

  • The position is the location of the knot that is selected on the ramp.
  • Color is a color that is associated with a chosen knot.
  • Alpha – alter the resulting channels of pixels called Alpha.
  • Blending Mixing with knot coloring and the original color of an original layer.

Effect parameters

  • Blend with Original Working in an easy way, mixing gradient with the original source color.
  • Blend Alpha Also in the event that the Alpha channel was changed, there is possible to restore it back to the original channel from the source.


  • 1.0.1 – bug fix – plugin caused crashes.
  • The update button added to adopt the previous version plugin to the new one.
  • Linear mode now have the two different variations
  • Extra transform parameters added
  • M1 and Beta Ae now supported

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