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Aescripts – Anchor Sniper v1.0 for After Effects: Get full control over After Effects’ Anchor Point and more! An entire set of tools allows users to quickly and precisely determine the location of the anchor point.

Anchor SNIPER is an extensive set of tools that enable users to quickly and accurately determine the anchor point’s position.

Some great features of Anchor Sniper:

  • A simplified UI that offers simple and easy options that allow for 20+ ways of moving the anchoring point.
  • It works using multiple layers and treats each layer separately or in a set.
  • Do not interfere with animations that have been in place on layers.
  • A sophisticated scanning algorithm that can detect the layer’s actual non-transparent edges, as well as the masks and effects that are applied.
  • It supports all types of layers, including Bitmap Text, Vector, and Video layers.


  1. Choose any layer or layers within the composition.
  2. Choose the various options with these four options.
  3. Click on one or all of the 9 Fixed Target buttons to shift your anchor to an established position.

Alternately, select alternatively, click the Custom Target button to relocate the chosen layer’s anchoring point at any desired spot.

Anchor SNIPER is based on Video Narco’s optimized Alpha scanning SNIPER algorithm (soon to be included in other scripts!) that recognizes the layer’s translucent edges with a high speed and precision.

This algorithm is able to take into consideration any effects or masks that affect the transparency of the layer in any way, and is employed when moving an anchor point to the layer’s real edges, or cropping the layer with the Crop Layer tool button.

Null Parent Mode This tool creates an entirely new null parent layer on the specified target, rather than moving anchor points.

Separate Layer’s Masks This tool breaks down one layer that has several masks into multiple layers, each having only one mask.

crop Layer This tool creates the layer and automatically resizes the pre-amp’s area in the layer’s viewable space (non-transparent Pixels).

Download Aescripts – Anchor Sniper v1.0 for After Effects from the below link now!