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The Aggressive Glitch Titles for DaVinci Resolve is a neat and well organized set of 12 titles that will diversify your work! Easily create incredible title sequences with this macro. No plugins required.

Aggressive Glitch Titles
Aggressive Glitch Titles


  • DaVinci Resolve 16 & 17
  • 1920X1080 (HD)


Diversify your titles with 12 amazing DaVinci Resolve (MACRO) video and film title sequences. Use these modern, well-organized templates to save time creating videos for work or school projects that will turn heads! No plugins required; simply open the project file in one click.

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Glitch Titles is a collection of 12 awesome DaVinci Resolve titles that will spice up your next video or film. Use this macro to save time and create great looking title sequences with no plugins necessary!

If you want to save time and diversify your work, this pack of 12 unique DaVinci Resolve titles is the answer. Use one MACRO command to create a variety of creative title sequences for videos or films without the need for any plugins!

I’m really excited to share this pack of 12 unique DaVinci Resolve titles with you! Not only are they well-organized, but I used macros when creating them so that means no extra plugins required!!
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Aggressive glitch titles for davinci resolve, short one word fragments underlined with a dash.

The most important feature to consider when you’re using Davinci Resolve is the titling tool that allows users to create text overlays quickly and easily from scratch or by importing them into their project during editing. You can use these presets as they are or customize and make changes based on your needs in order to get the exact look you want: if it fits right within what we need! Here’s some aggressive glitches I’ve created over time…

Davinci resolve is a video editing software that was created by blackmagicdesign. It has been used in Hollywood for over 20 years and can be seen on many popular movies, TV shows, videos etc. There are two different versions of Davinci resolve which come with their own unique features: the lite version comes at about $100 while the full package costs around $1000 although they both have similar functionalities but there are certain differences between them too like color grading tools being more advanced in professional package whereas it’s not as complex or expensive to use when using Lite version

Davinci Resolve is an industry leading program for creating high-quality content including movies, tv series’ etc.

The top aggressive glitch titles for Davinci Resolve-

Davinci resolve is an excellent piece of software that allows you to edit, grade and compose your footage like a pro. With countless features including advanced noise-reduction tools, color matching capabilities, multiple editing modes (Luma Keyer/RGB Curves) it’s hard not to be impressed with this video editor! We’ve put together the top ten best “aggressive” glitching effects for davinci resolve so check them out now!

When you’re editing a video in Davinci Resolve, it’s important to have the right title for your project. The titles found under “Titles” are known as glitch effects and they can help give some personality to your work!

When you edit a video with DaVinci Resolve, there is an extensive list of potential Glitch Titles that could be used so long as their appropriate during post-production. This type of effect works well when wanting something creative or less formal than usual; this allows more freedom on creativity rather than following traditional standards like bold lettering

As a video editor, you are often looking for ways to make your work stand out from the rest. But what if there is nothing stopping you? What if all of those other edits were just too tame and it’s time someone took editing in cinema into their own hands? If that sounds like something that would happen with Davinci Resolve then I think aggressive glitch titles could be exactly what they need to take things up another notch! With this tutorial, I’ll show how simple effects can go a long way towards making an impactful edit.

As a video editor or filmmaker looking for different styles or techniques to set themselves apart from everyone else, one great idea might be using more experimental options instead of traditional ones . Instead of simply adding

Gotta love davinci resolve. There are so many ways to make titles it’s almost like they don’t want us editing them! Of course, if you’re the creative type and you actually enjoy doing this stuff (who doesn’t?) then here are some cool glitchy text styles for your projects:
about one-third of our customers have at least a bachelor’s degree.

I’ve seen some pretty interesting glitch art titles in DaVinci Resolve so here are 10 of my favorites.


Aggressive Glitch Titles – 32076326 – Free Glitch Titles Macros For Davinci Resolve.