Aescripts Workflower v1.1.1 (WIN, MAC): Are you frustrated by the messiness of After Effects comps? Do you have a problem with messy After Effects comps? Workflower it is possible to create groups of layers inside your comp, and also utilize other tools to improve workflow, including adjustment layers for specific Layers only as well as matte merging.

Note for Mac Users & Japanese Windows Users:

There are a few limitations that apply to Mac users, as well as for Japanese users of Windows. The primary restriction is that you can only apply a maximum of twenty shortcuts. If you also have shortcuts that are applied to other scripts, then the number of shortcuts that you can apply to access Workflower functions will be smaller also. Learn more about the limitations.

We’re all in an unbalanced love/hate affair With After Effects. We love it because of the ease with which it works. It is a thrill making a stunning photo. However, there are times … you have precomps. Also … the comps can be that is cluttered with numerous layers. Also … those GODDAMN diverse transformations of layers!

It’s possible to make it easier. The good news is that Workflower is here to assist and could be the ideal counselor for our issues using After Effects.

Yes, you did hear it exactly! Workflower allows you to make layers that are grouped within your composition. Make sure you arrange the heck out of any project you’re working on!

Free Download – Aescripts Workflower v1.0 (WIN+MAC)-DownloadAescripts Workflower v1.0 (WIN+MAC)-Download

Some great features of Workflower:

  • Create groups and sub-groups
  • Collapse and Extend Groups
  • Select and Move Groups
  • Layers from the Parent Group
  • Disable, Solo & Lock Groups
  • Relabel Groups
  • Duplicate Groups
  • Create Group Mattes
  • … as well as much more!

For example, dissolving, ungrouping groups, and then deleting them. Also, creating a layer of adjustment for groups.

Workflower can be used with

  • After Effects 2022
  • After Effects Beta
  • After Effects 2021
  • After Effects 2020
  • After Effects CC 2019
  • After Effects CC 2018

New Changes:


  • If you create a “Linked Adjustment Layer when one of your layers includes currently selected effects the effects will be cut off from the layer and then pasted onto the “Linked Adjustment Layer’.


  • If you create a group that contains 3D layers, and it is meant to be the parent of the other layers header of the group is now automatically transformed into 3D.
  • “Store Comps” now don’t need to be kept in the “Stored Layers” folder in the Project panel. It is useful when using tools such as “Declutter” that will overwrite the existing folder structure.


  • Issues were fixed after updating to the latest AE version. Workflower will now alert you to visit the Workflower shortcuts panel to set shortcuts to the latest version.
  • If you have upgraded to v1.1 from an older version, then the default setting of “Trim Matte Merges using only the Group Matte FXs Matted Layer was incorrectly set to off. The default will now be set to “on”.
  • If you have a duplicate of the file of Workflower in the “ScriptUI Panels” folder (either within the system folder or the user directory), Workflower will now advise you to delete the file. (Otherwise, the script will not function.)

Download Aescripts Workflower v1.1.1 (WIN, MAC) from the below link now!

Download Here-GDrive