Free Download Aescripts Volume n Tricks v1.0.7 (WIN, MAC)

Aescripts Volume n Tricks v1.0.7 (WIN, MAC)

Aescripts Volume n’ Tricks v1.0.7 (WIN, MAC):

Create new ways of thinking and be amazed: Add stunning volumes to your layers, without 3D cameras or layers.

Volume n Tricks is a useful toolkit that is included in After Effects:

  • Produce 24 isometric projections (3*4 * RTL and LTR) + 8 Skewed (bias) projections.
  • Create an isometric grid that is scalable.
  • For shape and text layers, create an extrusion having a specific FX volume
  • Install the light and set its brightness angle
  • Create shadows (mimicked) shadows to control its properties
  • Apply a gradient, and then select various blend modes
  • You can fine-tune the gentle falloff.
  • Extrusion can be used for text and shape layers as well as Vector files (Illustrator .ai) as well as .eps
  • The footage could be projected across all directions.
  • Plus there’s More…

Everything is 2D with only a single flat layer. Keys can be added to virtually all properties, including Extrusion.

Vn’T won’t duplicate layers aside from backups of layers of text or Illustrator (.eps, .ai): It works on a single layer .)

Design with new perspectives and surprise yourself:

Transform your layers into 2.5D without cameras or 3D layers!

New changes:

  • Fade issue resolved
  • .zip archive issue
  • Moving objects made easier!
  • the progress bar and debug
  • 1.7 Compatible with expressions embedded (wiggle, transform, position, scale, etc.), Fresh UI, Progress Bar, and More Control!
    Fixed: an alert message.

Download Aescripts Volume n’ Tricks v1.0.7 (WIN, MAC) from the below link now!

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