Free Download – Aescripts Reka Grid v1.0a (WIN MAC)-DownloadAescripts Reka Grid v1.0a (WIN MAC)-Download

Aescripts Reka Grid v1.0a (WIN, MAC):

Reka Grid is a robust grid plugin that comes with many options to modify and create animation.

Reka Grid comes with an After Effects plugin

Reka Grid is a powerful tool that comes with many options to modify and create grids. Every point on the grid is represented as an example of the parametric form.

Form Parametric

Shapes could be Triangle, Rectangle, Circle Star “Y” or “X”
Each parameter in this shape is adjustable and animated using noise or customized layers.

Grid array

The grid may be either hexagonal or regular. With the help of scripts, it could be something like a spiral sine or even Phyllotaxis.
Additionally, any of the parameters on the grid is able to be animated with noise, or custom layers.


Each grid point is represented as a copy of the shape. It is referred to as an instance. Instances come with a variety of parameters to be animated such as Angle, Radius, Position Offset Color, and Alpha.

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