Free Download – AEScripts pt_FrameRestorer 2 for After Effects-DownloadAEScripts pt_FrameRestorer 2 for After Effects-Download

AEScripts pt_FrameRestorer 2 for After Effects:

FrameRestorer makes use of Motion Interpolation in order to solve the issues that arise with video such as conversion and capture issues to visual effects to clean up work.

Capture and issues with conversion

  • Restore duplicate or dropped frames due to capture issues on cinema cameras that use digital technology.
  • Replace damaged, broken, or damaged frames.
  • Insert frames in order to fix the stutter created by conversion of frame rates.

Clean up of footage

  • Create tracked patches that remove unneeded parts of a frame or focus slips by interpolating between frames from either.
  • Remove motion blur artifacts and motion blur from stabilized footage.
  • Reduce light flickering caused by incompatibility between the rate of light refresh and the shutter speed of the camera.
  • Create interpolated clone sources to aid in the removal of dirt.

New Version 2

  • It is much faster to find duplicate and missing frames. It is also faster to find duplicates.
  • It is compatible with the RE: Vision Effects Twixtor to provide better interpolation.
  • The new insert frame feature will resolve footage that stutters.
  • A new feature for cloning sources to aid in the removal of dirt.
  • Reduce function is able to create automatic tracked patches that substitute sections of images.
  • The TimeWarp limit is removed to 5000 frames it works with any length of footage.
  • Combining different options in order to regulate interpolation methods.
  • Repeat markers assist in identifying repeated frame patterns.
  • Contextual help built-in that includes a Google Translate button.

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