Free Download – Aescripts Newton v3.4 (WIN MAC)-DownloadAescripts Newton v3.4 (WIN MAC)-Download

Aescripts Newton 3 v3.4.12 (WIN, MAC): This is the 2D engine for physics in Adobe After Effects. Newton 3 has tons of new features!


Newton 3 brings realistic physics to After Effects, making your 2D layers behave like real objects, which interact with each other, just as in nature. It offers a variety of options to alter aspects of the objects. These include density, type bounciness, friction, and speed. It also lets you alter world properties like gravity. Additionally, Newton 3 allows you to design real-looking joints among objects making it easy to create complicated motion. When you’re done with your simulation, the motion can be recreated by After Effects with standard keyframes and you are able to alter the timing in any way you want. Easy, no?

Some great features of Newton:

  • Newton 3 2D layers within AE are able to behave like solid objects
  • It supports masks, text, and shape layers.
  • Controls collisions, friction, bounciness, gravity, and more.
  • Six types of objects (static dynamic, kinematic Dormant, AEmatic dead)
  • Six types of joints (distance pivot piston, spring wheel, and Blob) allow you to connect objects exactly the way you’d like
  • Repel or attract objects using our magnetism technology
  • Virtually all physical properties can be animated using keyframes
  • Clean, well-organized, and simple to navigate interface
  • Rapid preview and speedy export to keyframes

New Changes:

  • Added keyboard shortcut (Shift-Click) to create distance and pivot joints
  • in “cycle” mode, which means that the last selected body is connected to the first one

Download Aescripts Newton 3 v3.4.12 (WIN, MAC) from the below link now!

Download Here-GDrive