Aescripts Nebulosity 1.0: Nebulosity is a GPU-accelerated After Effects plugin for After Effects. It produces large volumes of images using Layers, Noise, and Ramps, which can be colored with various methods. It produces galaxies, nebulas, clouds, smoke, and much more.

How does it work?

Nebulosity employs a raymarching algorithm to display density. Density is calculated by using Layers and Noise as Ramps and Masks.

Base Form

The base bounding of the volume by using the box or sphere. The shape can be customized using custom layers in Cut or Extrude modes. Ramps can also be utilized to hide the volume. The edges of the volume can be easily smoothed using Feather Ramp.

Combine Noises

The density can be set with three layers of various noises. Scattering noise can come in three distinct types: Volume noise, Spiral noise, and Inverted FBM sound. Each noise can be tuned and animated using the Evolution slider.

Emission Gradient

The source of the volume’s emission could be Color Layer, Gradient, or Color. In the Emission Source, Gradient mode Gradient is distributed via Radial or Density from central or by noise. In both Radial and Density modes, noise could alter the distribution.

New Changes:

  • Fixed Full/Half coordinates switcher
  • added rendering optimization Jittering
  • Fixed random crashes


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