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Aescripts LayerRender v1.8 (WIN, MAC):

Directly render to the layer. All of the known AE renderers work at composition. It’s extremely fast (uses every core) and supports most 8-bit to 16-bit codecs and is user-friendly.

LayerRender to After Effects can render directly at the layer level. All of the known AE renderers can render on the basis of compositions.

Target Audience

This application is designed for users who are able to end up having complex After Effects compositions that contain several layers. The client may request samples of the various stages of the project. In the past, rendering required users to open the Media Encoder. Today, every codec and container is able to be rendered directly in After Effects.

The Codecs Presets, Codecs, and Options fields are grayed out during the trial version. They will be available after you input your activation number.

Value Proposition

In addition, you can add an adjustment layer to the layers that you wish to render using both the points in and out of the layer in order to determine the area of video output and then press the rendering button.

  1. Very quick (uses every core) and very easy to use.
  2. Access to the other FFmpeg sans intermediate files.
  3. A variety of presets are available for VP9, H.264, H.265, DNxHD, Cineform, and Prores codecs
  4. Each render option can be altered via the Options window.
  5. Direct Rendering of Layers from inside After Effects Comp

Qualifying Questions

  • Do you wish the full array of options for rendering (containers as well as codecs) that are available in Media Encoder was available inside After Effects?
  • Do you wish to lay the intermediate phases of your project for your client to see?
  • Do you need direct access to codecs that are open-source such as x264, which you can access from the After Effects project?
  • Do you require finer-grained control over your rendering?


After Effects Creative Cloud. Tested using CC 2017. CC 2018 CC 2020, and 2021. macOS 10.12 and above or Windows 7 and above.

Important Notes

It is not a requirement to download FFmpeg If it’s not in the system path, it will be downloaded automatically. The plug-in does utilize custom installation of FFmpeg however, you need to ensure it’s within the path of the system.

This effect can be achieved using 8-bpc and 16-bpc as well as 32-bpc. For optimal use, you will need 32-bpc with full resolution. In 32-bpc colors, After Effects does not clip the video, and allows users to see any data that is out of range. Cineform and ProRes are the only ones that support 16-bpc and 32-bpc.

TIP: Set RAM for another application at greater than 4GB otherwise you could experience an issue with your system due to FFmpeg requirements for RAM.

The plugin must be placed as an adjustment layer, and both the out and in points of the layer must be used to signal the beginning and ending in the clip.

The video will only be rendered when you have the marker located on the active portion of the layer.

Presets – for every codec, there’s a set of presets that are available. For 8-bit, lossless 8-bit RGB video is delivered via AE. If you want to use anything else sixteen-bit, uncompressed RGB video is sent out. Some presets also encode the alpha channel. The plugin can detect those presets and then send out either 16-bit or 8-bit RGBA video depending on the need.

Separate Audio This will produce an additional 16-bit 48khz .wav file that has identical root names as that of the video output in the directory that is used for output.

Codec Options – Click Display to display a dialog box that shows the currently selected preset. It is possible to change this preset to make use of different codecs.

TIP: The plugin picks the AE format based on the 8-bit RGB/RGBA or 16 bit RGB/RGBA settings, respectively. This means you have to ensure that your initial preset is compatible with the formats of pixels being employed.

The Render dialog lets you choose the filename and directory for the file output. The output extension informs the plugin about the type of container you want to use.

New Changes:

  • Use AE internal memory management.

Download Aescripts LayerRender v1.8 (WIN, MAC) from the below link now!

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