Free Download Aescripts Keystone v1.0.8 (WIN, MAC)

Aescripts Keystone v1.0.8 (WIN, MAC)

Aescripts Keystone v1.0.8 (WIN, MAC):

Now with a customizable user interface! Align, flip and duplicate, stagger and stretch, plus more! All the essential keyframes you need for After Effects.

Align, Stagger, Duplicate, Stretch, and more!

All of these options are now contained in a single extension.

Keyframes work has never been as easy

After Effects is all about keyframes, however, manipulation of them is tiring.
With Keystone’s icon-based interface crucial tasks are now only one click away.

Options for shifting

After Effects already allows to move keyframes. Approximately…
Keystone performs additional calculations to keep the motion curvatures.

Constant speed

Stop trying to make handles line up.
Create smooth curves with just one click!

Three different modes for each function

These modes alter the method by which Keystone group keyframes while they are processed
and can be accessed via hotkeys.

  • Layer mode
  • Mode of property
  • Mode global

Demonstration of the three modes using an example of the “flip” function example.

supports KBar

The most sought-after feature from our community is finally accessible!

All Keystone functions work with KBar and include two Sets of Icons.

Download Aescripts Keystone v1.0.8 (WIN, MAC) from the below link now!

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