Free Download Aescripts – Flex v1.1.2 (WIN MAC) for Adobe After Effects

Aescripts  Flex v1.1.2

Some great features of Flex:

  • Flex is a tool for creating finely realigning designs for Your layers.
  • Flex is a tool for creating and realigning layers in Various designs.
  • Flex Line Rigs are about working together with single Columns or rows, whereas Flex Grid Rigs are to get much more complicated situations where you have several columns or rows working as a cohesive system.

Flex Lines

  • A lineup Rig will link All your Chosen layers into a direct line.
  • You then can fast & easily possess the magnitude of a Single coating Impact the scale and standing of its own neighbors, developing a wonderful elastic line.

Flex Grids

  • When a Line Rig is overly 1-dimensional for you personally, Try out a Grid Rig!
  • Flex Grid Rigs will require your present designs And create vertical and horizontal controls for them, allowing you Dynamically flex collections of layers as columns and rows.

Flex Mattes

  • Do not need to mess with your coating scaling? Try out, Flex Mattes.
  • Rather than altering your layers, then Flex can make rigged Mattes, maintaining your artwork & still obtaining all of the perks.

New Changes:


  • Error message when making matted Grid Rigs with duplicate layer names


  • The incorrect description on Line Row & Column buttons
  • Error when trying to add layers to Line rigs
  • Grid Matte Roundness breaking in non-EN installs
  • Unreliable results when working with layers with non-Square Pixel Aspect Ratio sources


  •  Update licensing & libraries

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