Free Download – Aescripts Ease and Wizz v2.6.1 (WIN+MAC)-DownloadAescripts Ease and Wizz v2.6.1 (WIN+MAC)-Download

Aescripts Ease and Wizz v2.6.1 (WIN+MAC):

The Ease and the Wizz plugin is a program for After Effects that gives you additional ways to interpolate values. The most obvious application is for motion, however it’s also useful for animation of any kind. They’re applied using an After Effects-like palette that docks making it very simple to utilize.


Ease and Wizz is an expression set that you can use in After Effects that provide many ways to interpolate values. Its primary use is for motion, however they can also be applied to animated properties of all kinds. They’re applied using an After Effects-like palette, which can be docked, making it user-friendly.

Some time ago, Flash guru Robert Penner developed a set of useful equations for easing that have been utilized to create hundreds of websites around the world. I’ve modified these equations so that they function as expressions using After Effects (for an introduction to After Effects expressions, check out Dan Ebberts’ excellent site).

The benefit that an expression can bring to ease can be that keyframes can be easily editable. You can drag objects into the Comp Viewer or move keyframes around the timeline and the easing will be immediately updated.

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