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Videohive 47864979 Grunge Sport Opener

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Take your video editing to the next level for free with Aescripts DeepClear 1.0. Discover the best tools for enhancing your projects without breaking the bank. You can download editing materials like this for free, including video assets like Effects, Templates, Plugin, Transitions, and LUTs for most popular video editing software like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, and Davinci Resolve Editing Assets at Explore the features of Aescripts DeepClear 1.0 and find out how they can enhance your video editing projects. Read now for expert insights and recommendations.

Product feature:

AI powered video enhancement tool for Premiere Pro and After Effects. Enhances image details, reduces noise and improves contrast.

The performance is highly dependent on GPU, and some old GPU cards (before 2012) are not supported. Please TRY it before purchase.

DeepClear is an advanced video enhancement tool with AI technology to make image clear by enhancing image details, reducing noises and improving contrast.

In this tool, several advanced deep learning algorithms are developed to study and analyze the pixels of large amount of images and clips to improve the image quality. It consists of three features: deblurring, noise reduction and contrast enhancement.

Deblurring aims to enhance image details, make blurry image clear and improve the perception of image quality. With the intelligent AI image sharpening techniques, it can not only fix out-of-focus image but also remove motion blur. It works great to sharpen general images, portraits, text and cartoon without causing artifacts or halos.

AI driven noise reduction can remove noise from images and keep the details intact without blurring the image. It can eliminate noise caused by a variety of factors such as low light conditions and high ISO settings.

DeepClear can boost the image contrast without an effort. It can enhance the clarity while preserving the naturalness using the advanced histogram equalization algorithm.

Moreover, DeepClear plugin is GPU accelerated for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, and available for Mac and Windows.


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