Free Download – Aescripts CursorKit v0.9 (WIN+MAC)-DownloadAescripts CursorKit v0.9 (WIN+MAC)-Download

Aescripts CursorKit v0.9 (WIN+MAC): CursorKit is a program to create cursor elements using animation to create UI Video prototypes. Get rid of the monotony of repetitive tasks!

Cursor elements provide a degree of real-world realism for your videos prototypes. make them and then animate them in only one click.

Examples include exploring motion designs, Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi mockups, interactivity projection demonstration video advertising and marketing in digital product, improvement in user experience prototype feedback improvement, and many more, which are an essential part of the process that delivers the digital product. And often a screen recording isn’t enough to make it. What if motion designers can elevate the user experience to a higher level? And all that without writing just one word of code.

The process of creating video prototypes of user interfaces is no rocket science (depending on the project) However, the process can be a bit tedious by animating every single mouse movement. It’s too monotonous! CursorKit can help you finish it faster and with less effort.

Some great features of CursorKit:

  • Choose different mouse cursors using only one click.
  • Include actions like clicks and Drags.
  • Provide feedback to the user by adding scroll-up-down text.
  • Create an automatic effect of a typewriter.

Download Aescripts CursorKit v0.9 (WIN+MAC) from the below link now!

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