Free Download – Aescripts ContrastUp v2.3 (WIN MAC)-DownloadAescripts ContrastUp v2.3 (WIN MAC)-Download

Boost Picture contrast and Fix the shadows, mid-tones, and Highlights parts.

ContrastUp plugin Provides complex algorithms to improve contrast and enhance picture quality for video frames and graphics. With it, the users may correct the global and local contrast enhancement in a simple and flexible manner.

Shadows/MidTones/highlights Enable the users to correct different parts (darkest, mid-tone, and cleverest ) of this image while still maintaining a natural appearance, and without changing artifacts.

Moreover, ContrastUp Plugin is GPU accelerated for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro, with real-time functionality.

Some great features of ContrastUp:

  • Fix flickering problem when scrubbing sliders in Premiere Pro
  • Quit supporting OpenFx hosts
  • Update license libs

New Changes:

  • Support for Multi-Frame Rendering
  • Support for Apple M1 Silicon

Download Aescript ContrastUp v2.3 (Win, Mac) + Activation Serial + Tutorial Download Here-GDrive