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Aescripts BuenaDepthCue v2.5.8 (Win, Mac): Control the Worlds Between 2D and 3D – Contains the World Renowned Camera Mapper.

Buena Depth Cue is a selection of plugins that are made to deal with an assortment of factors surrounding common sense manipulation of their crucial half-dimension.

Perhaps you have noticed that incorporating the look Of a different dimension to your compositing jobs feels like you have stepped into a different dimension in regards to the laws of math? Taking 2D compositing jobs into simulated 3D thickness can be a nuisance since you are often trying to apply logic to procedures that do not have any similarity to your own life. .on Earth. Buena Depth Cue is a selection of plugins that are made to deal with an assortment of factors surrounding common sense manipulation of their crucial half-dimension.

Buena Depth Cue v2 supplies After Effects Artists using an advanced workflow for producing visual thickness in their own projects. Employing composition-based effects, for example, Rack Focus, Falloff Lighting, or Atmosphere, digital media designers may mimic alpha thickness in a special manner that can’t be replicated using After Effects depth of the subject.

Buena Depth Cue V2 contains 6 strong plug-ins for Creating thickness.

Some great features of BuenaDepthCue:

  • Atmosphere The Atmosphere plugin for After Effects simulates Atmospheric conditions such as haze and fog on your essay. Atmosphere permits you to place the thickness that the air is visible on your landscape, so you might make layers farther away from the camera seem to be deeply immersed in the Atmosphere then layers nearer to the camera (or the other way round ). This also applies to elements of layers: When a part of a coating is close to the camera and a part of it is far away, the pixels close to the camera will look less immersed at the haze/fog compared to pixels far from your camera. You may simulate very realistic or very unrealistic kinds of atmospheric results.
  • Camera Mapper The Camera Mapper plugin Permits You to simulate a 3D Scene in 2D footage. It allows you to isolate a couple of items on your footage, endeavor these items onto another layer and pull that coating from the backdrop, producing the visual illusion of this object floating before the first footage. Camera mapping is an integral portion of compositing software like Nuke, and as you can do so in After Effects, it might be just at the cost of a complex workaround that price time and lack significant capacities. Once implemented, you can move a camera around the scene With objects in the scene in varying angles and depths.
  • Depth The Depth plugin generates grayscale thickness maps from Your own footage. You may also pre composite thickness’ letting for more exploitation by means of your 3D camera.
  • Falloff Lighting The Falloff Lighting plugin for After Effects supplies A light system that imitates the way objects seem dimmer the farther away they are out of the lights. With After Effects’ built-in lighting, it doesn’t matter how far off a coating is from a mild, it’s still illuminated the exact same level by that mild.
  • Flipside The Flipside plugin does one simple thing: it maps 1 coating onto the rear side of another layer. This permits you to reverse the front layer to show the rear layer. It does so without producing any difference between both layers, and minus the occlusion issues that occasionally appear when attempting to put two layers really near together in a makeup. You can Pick the orientation of the surface, as well, letting it have the right orientation if it is flipped horizontally, vertically, or both. The orientation parameters are keyframe, also, which permits you to modify the orientation of the rear coating when it is not revealing, for smooth transitions that fool the eye. Additionally, both layers do not have to be exactly the exact same size or have the exact same pixel aspect ratio. You may take a very small layer to flip around to reveal a massive layer. Or you may use DV footage on a single side, and anamorphic footage on the opposite. It simply works. You can even choose to not have a rear layer, to ensure that After the coating is turned round, it only vanishes.
  • Rack Focus The Rack Focus plugin Permits You to simulate the thickness of field effects. Once implemented, layers (or components of layers) that are close or far In the camera are fuzzy, while layers (or pixels) from the middle ground are all in focus. This permits you to make fine focus brings and other associated consequences.

New Changes:

  • Fix for Render Only licenses when used with Floating License Server

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