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AeScripts Autokroma BRAW Studio v2.7.0 (win, mac) Cracked + Activation Serial:

BRAW Studio consists of three set up plugins, including a brand new .braw format to be imported to Adobe CC (Premiere Pro, Media Encoder, and After Effects). In Premiere Pro, you can get the Blackmagic RAW params within our new BRAW Studio Source Settings Panel. This Panel provides useful endurance and utility attributes, such as correcting NTSC timecodes and importing your footage metadata (Panel UI is offered at Window upper menu -> Extensions). On After Effects, you’ll have the ability to use the BRAW Studio Layer Preferences impact.

The missing bit from your Blackmagic workflow:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: Import and edit yours.BRAW footages straight and with BRAW Studio!
  • BRAW Studio Panel may even help your everyday workflow with amazing features like the Source Settings Panel, Sequence .XML Export, Timecode correction, etc..
  • Adobe Media Encoder: re-encode and create proxies to your .braw
  • Adobe After Effects: import your “.BRAW” and get most of the RAW params right in the AE port and see the dent in dwell together with all our BRAW Studio Layer Settings blocker
  • BRAW Studio does not import .dng documents

Some great features of BRAW Studio:

  • Access exactly the exact same RAW color parameters out of DaVinci Resolve and Load / Save thanks to .sidecar documents.
  • Employing the official Blackmagic Color Science and Blackmagic RAW SDK
  • new Source Settings Panel to change your RAW params at a docked panel, harmonious with batch operations on your own choice of “.BRAW” clips!
  • Premiere Pro Panel to import your .braw metadata from the Job Panel, mend timecodes
  • Custom A/B to immediately compare your distinct RAW Parameters collection
  • 20 International Presets to store your own RAW Params across Projects and Premiere Pro / After Effects

New Changes:

It’s true that BRAW Studio now has a free version! You can easily share the BRAW Studio projects with coworkers They don’t need an expensive BRAW Studio license to open the project. There’s no 500-frame trial image to download anymore. 

* New Features in the PrPro Panel:

  • The new “Add LUT to Sidecar” button for loading your custom.Cube LUT file to your .sidecar sidecar file. It can be one, or perhaps multiple chosen.BRAW Files in order that the LUT can be loaded and processed using an official BRAW SDK
  • The new “Export Embedded LUT” button to export the Embedded LUT as an.Cube file, which is useful to use in a different color-grading software
  • In each line of the setting for BRAW, there is a reset icon button will reset the param to the camera metadata value (the value is set when you shoot by the .sidecar)
  • A new button is available on the ToolBox tab that allows you to transform a BRAW Studio Project to a Blackmagic Design PrPro Plugin Project to allow you to use Blackmagic Design Plugin or switch to other plugins. It is important to note that Source Settings params will not be translated, however, the project must be stable. Do not force a project to convert! Make sure to make use of our tools for conversion to ensure you are secure. BRAW Studio already supported converting from a BMD Project, so now it can be used in both ways.

* New feature in Premiere Pro: You can select the Color Space within the settings for the Interpretation Footage for Your.BRAW Project Item. This makes HDR.BRAW editing possible!

* Corrected :

  • PrPro Panel “Redo” button did not reflect the latest version of in the panel UI in certain cases
  • PrPro Panel “To Src Monitor” button wasn’t working in certain cases.

* BRAW 2.3 Fixed BMD Gammas’ black level (regression to 2.2) general stability and performance improvements

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