Free Download Aescripts – Blob it v1.0 (Win, Mac) for Adobe After Effects

Aescripts Blob it v1.0:

If you see it, you are able to BLOB it! Gives bubbly, blobby, and jiggly characteristics to everything you can see!

Blob it! is simple and extremely quick, as well as a ridiculously cute code!

It basically gives blobby, bubblegly, and jagged qualities to whatever you can see!

You just need to move a few segments until you get the form you’d like .. Step in the opposite direction .. and enjoy the MAGIC!

PSST! don’t be fooled by the cuteness It’s a mighty thing!

Some great features of Blob it:

  • All objects created by null and shape layers
  • You can create any shape you like using segments
  • Slider controls that are easy to use for the amount of blobbiness as well as the direction angle
  • Light and fast!

Download Aescripts Blob it v1.0 (Win, Mac) from the below link now!

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