Free Download – AEScripts Blinky v1.3 for After Effects-DownloadAEScripts Blinky v1.3 for After Effects-Download

AEScripts Blinky v2.0 (WIN, MAC) for After Effects: Add the blinking cursor in any of the text layers.

How do I make use of

Step 1. Add Blinky

Choose a text layer, then hit on the “Add Blinky” button.

Step 2. Modify Cursor

When you have the newly selected cursor layer change the appearance and appearance of the “Blinky” effect controls.

Step 3. Step 3.

Select the text layer Keyframe using the “Typewriter” effect to animate in the text.

Some great features of Blinky:

  • You can add blinking cursors with just one click
  • Color and thickness, height, and more.
  • Set the blink speed and duration.
  • Any font can be used.
  • It works with any alignment of text
  • Included is a custom typewriter animation effect

New Changes:

  • Added support for multi-line text
  • Automatic paragraph alignment detection
  • Fixed trial mode

Download AEScripts Blinky v2.0 (WIN, MAC) for After Effects from the below link now!

Download Here-GDrive