Free Download – Aescripts Blenderae v1.0.0 (WINMAC)-DownloadAescripts Blenderae v1.0.0 (WINMAC)-Download

Some great features of Blenderae:

Connect to, select, and export 3D scene and object data to Blender into After Effects!

  • Non-planar faces (in Edit Mode) and non-planar planes (in Mode) and non-planar Planes (in Mode) aren’t currently supported.
  • If the field ‘Ae Path’ is correct, however After Effects is not open, After Effects will open and close without saving.
  • A wide range of options or frames with a long duration may take a considerable amount of period of time for processing (particularly when it comes to faces) If you want to stop the import process, press “Esc” to end the process of import.
  • Certain modifiers may affect the export of data.

Link Blender After Effects!

  • Installation of BlenderAe in the form of an extension for Blender (no additional scripts needed to download! ).
  • Connect your computer to After Effects.
  • Choose objects, vertices, or faces.
  • Click Export to Ae!

Supported in the Object Mode

  • Cameras from Ae Cameras.
  • Lights from Ae Lights.
  • Transformations of objects to Nulls.
  • Transformations that convert empty objects to Nulls.
  • Plans (planar) in precomposed form layers.

is supported with Edit Mode

  • Selected vertex points (in the vertex model) to nulls
  • Selected Planar Faces (in the face mode) to precomposed shape layers.

New Changes:


  • Some accented characters in After Effects layer names caused an error importing data into Blender.

Upcoming (Unreleased)

  • Separate x, y, z rotation data importing from After Effects to Blender.
  • Improved Export to Ae performance.

Download Aescripts Blenderae v1.2.2 (WIN, MAC) from the below link now!

Download Here-GDrive