Free Download – AEScripts AE Shapes Blender v1.0.1-DownloadAEScripts AE Shapes Blender v1.0.1-Download


The AE Shapes Blender tool allows you to blend shapes effortlessly using After Effects. Simply select two or more shape paths, and press the button to start the blend. You can select between basic and advanced characteristics to control the blend.

Principal Features

  • Blend Methods
    • Blend Straightly
    • Blend Around the Spine
  • Advanced Properties
    • Stretch
    • Scale
    • Offset
    • Loop
    • Fill
    • Stroke
    • Opacity
    • Twist
  • Replace the Spine
  • Blend of Freeze/Unfreeze
  • Reverse Blend Order
  • Other Options for Paths (Applicable to any path or blends)
    • Match Vertices
    • Shift Vertex
    • Reverse Paths
    • Open/Closed Paths

How do you create a BEND?

Choose 2 or more shapes’ properties for paths. Be sure that paths are converted to bezier paths when they are primitives. For creating the blend, it is suggested that the paths share the same number of vertex and closing statuses. If these are different, the script will detect and then ask for a fix the issue automatically.
Click on the “Create Blend” button and the blend will be created using 4 layers to manage the blend.

  • Calc Layer – contains the calculations.
  • Spine Layer – This layer is for the spine path. Change the path in order to control the blend.
  • Blend Layer Blend Layer – The only layer that renders and includes all blended paths.
  • Master Layer: Master pathways are in this layer. If altered, the entire layer will change.

Note that the speed of the blend is determined by the number of shapes and the amount of complexity of the paths. Paths with fewer points perform better.

Download AEScripts AE Shapes Blender v1.0.1 from the below link now!

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