Free Download Aescripts AE Pixel Sorter 2.1.0


AEPS2 is faster than its predecessor due to the use of multi-threading and a new core algorithm.


The effect now supports 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit floating point images.


Advanced, yet intuitive settings. AEPS2 is packed with a lot of new features that will help you create cooler animations and visuals!


Gradients, rotation, blocks, random length, feathers. Just a few examples of the new features, and it’s all keyframable 🙂

More Examples

AE Pixel Sorter has been used in a wide variety of medias:

Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft made an extensive use of AE Pixel Sorter in their trailers, cinematics and in-game UI.

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Shared Memories

This experimental short film made by Benjamin Bardou and Ash Thorp uses AEPS in all its elegance!

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Ghost in the Shell

Ash Thorp made a clever use of the plugin in his work for the feature film.

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Community Tutorials

Expolore Youtube to find new ways of using Pixel Sorter, like this tutorial by Olufemii


Aescripts AE Pixel Sorter 2.1.0 Free Download

Documentation & More

You can find documentation, examples, and additional videos on how to use AEPS2 in creative ways on

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