Best After Effects Titles Template – Abstract Titles | Geometric Shapes – 25674505


Abstract Titles – Geometric Shapes – 25674505 are the perfect way to create a royal atmosphere for any title sequence. Black Titles has an modular structure which makes it ideal for presenting your show credits, opening scene in film or video game–you name it! Just type out what you want on this website’s generator form with some descriptive text about how they’ll come across when watching (titles/opening scenes), then press “Render” on our end-all be damned interface and wait until all is said done – because we will not disappoint!!

Abstract Titles | Geometric Shapes - 25674505
Abstract Titles | Geometric Shapes – 25674505


  • You don’t need any plugin
  • Modular structure: use a big variety of layouts to build your own sequence
  • 10 scenes(each scene has duration 7 sec)
  • Well designed, very easy to customize
  • Customize font: Change font, font size, color, etc
  • Change Flare position easily(drag and drop)according to your titles, you can
  • Resolution 1920X1080p
  • Preview Duration: 1:05
  • CC 2019 and above


You’re going to need a title sequence that will knock your viewers socks off. Enter Abstract Titles and Geometric Shapes! This royal geometry object lines project has an ambient atmosphere perfect for any of those high-concept opener scenes you’ve been working on or even just some credits text at the end of your film before it fades out into black silence–Geometry shapes can do whatever you want them too with their variety in options ranging from geometric designs such as circles, squares rectangles triangles etc., all the way up through more abstract patterns like swirls & stars which would makefor incredible background visuals while someone talks about what happened during this particular scene

Use this royalty-free title sequence for your next movie or video. This geometric design is perfect when you need a stylish, yet minimalistic feel that will catch the eye of any viewer! The abstract shapes can easily be used in many different applications including opening credits and show promos as well; make sure to check out our other projects like “Black Titles” too – they’re ideal if there’s anything on screen where thicker lines are called for.”

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Abstract Titles | Geometric Shapes – 25674505 – Best Titles Template For After effects.